CircleRC was originally developed as an entry to the Ludum Dare 47 Jam on the theme "Stuck in a Loop".

You broke your controller, and now you can't steer straight! With only the ability to drive in circles (you could even say you're stuck in a loop *nervous laughter*), you must draw a full circle around objectives to capture them.

The game has 14 levels of increasing difficulty, and records your best time on each. Try to get a high score!

If you get performance issues when playing in the browser, please download the executable for your system (source code is also available if you wish to compile from source).


  • Use A and D to switch steering between left and right (You cannot drive straight!)
  • Use W to accelerate and S to reverse
  • When you drive in a circle, your car will automatically draw a circle underneath
  • Draw a complete circle around the flag to win the level
  • If there are floating pips in the level, you must collect all of these first be drawing circles around them.

There is a restart button in the pause menu which you can access by pressing ESC (useful if you bug out on death)

Here's my current list of best times. See if you can beat them!

  1. 00:05:54
  2. 00:06:83
  3. 00:12:56
  4. 00:09:66
  5. 00:11:84
  6. 00:08:36
  7. 00:11:69
  8. 00:20:78
  9. 00:49:48
  10. 00:34:36
  11. 00:14:71
  12. 00:20:85
  13. 00:38:38
  14. 01:07:46

CircleRC is open source! Find the source code on github.


Linux (64-bit) 15 MB
Linux (32-bit) 14 MB
Windows (64-bit) 14 MB
Windows (32-bit) 13 MB
Mac OSX (Experimental) 15 MB
Original Ludum Dare 47 Submission (All Platforms Bundle) 104 MB

Install instructions

On all platforms:

  • Download and extract the .zip file to a location of your choice.
  • Run the executable file
  • Make sure the .pck file is present in the same folder as the executable file.

Development log

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